Information about Reswings


Golf Shipping Guide

Finally sold a golf club and the buyer chose shipping instead of local pick-up, but you have no idea how to ship? Where do you get a box? What is the cost? It can be a bit intimidating to ship golf clubs if you haven’t done it before. We’ve gathered some information to try and help you out.

Fulfillment and Shipping Policies

  • Sellers are expected to ship within three business days of buyer confirming payment.
  • Seller may use the shipping method of its choice as long as the shipping method offers reasonable transit times and a valid tracking number.
  • Seller must communicate shipping tracking data, including carrier and tracking number, to the buyer and reswings.


Golf Pro Shops 

Try visiting your local golf pro shop and ask for an old box to ship your clubs. They will normally be willing to help you out. It can save you up to $15.00 in shipping cost.


An alternative, if using USPS to ship, is to go to your local USPS and ask for the triangular priority mail express medium tube packages. They will provide them for free if they have stock. You can also order them online for free in packs of 10 and 20. Here is the link.

The last option is to use two USPS priority (not flat rate) boxes and create a long box by cutting and taping. Great video here

U-Haul Boxes 

U-Haul provides some fairly priced ($6) sport utility boxes, which will fit a set and bag of clubs. Link here.

Sample Box Sizes

The dimensions are listed below to help you approximate the required box size for shipment cost calculation. Your actual box dimensions will vary and may be larger.

  • Drivers (4x4x48)
  • Irons (4x10x40)
  • Individual Irons (4x4x40) 

Average Shipping Charge

There are many different shipping prices depending on weight and carrier. Here is an estimated average of shipping costs:

  • Drivers/Woods: $12.00 per listing
  • Putters: $10.00 per listing
  • Iron Sets: $21.00 per listing 

Shipping Calculators

You can use one of the links below to estimate your shipping charge. Generally USPS will be the cheapest.